Mark Ruffalo Stars in Legal Thriller 'Dark Waters'

To me, the most surprising thing about this movie, which brings back echoes of Erin Brockovich and Michael Clayton, is that it was directed by Todd Haynes. Really? The guy who made Far From Heaven, Carol, Velvet Goldmine and I’m Not There directed what looks like a generic throwback to 1990’s legal thrillers? That seems to have no connective tissue to any of his other movies, but maybe this is just an extremely misleading trailer. Not to say that the genre is bad or anything either- just seems like an odd choice for a guy like Haynes.

Christian Bale and Matt Damon Bond in New 'Ford v. Ferrari' Trailer

This movie also got good reviews out of Telluride and Toronto, and is expected to be a possible Oscar contender for 20th Century Fox, which is now owned by Disney of course, who will be watching closely the success or failure of this movie. I suppose we all need to root for it on that basis alone, if we want studios to actually still make original films that aren’t franchises or superhero movies (and release them in actual theaters). That may not matter to Disney anymore though, unless they can prove profitable. So here’s hoping.

Eddie Murphy Goes for Another Comeback With 'Dolemite is My Name'

Exactly how many comebacks has Eddie Murphy staged over the years? I feel like people are always talking about his inevitable next “comeback,” from his 1980’s high to The Nutty Professor to Dreamgirls to this. I suppose in a sense they’re probably referring to his comedic comeback this time, since he’s also set to return to standup soon, and host SNL in December (for the first time since he left the show in the early 80’s). Anyway, this got great reviews at Toronto and looks really good to me, so I’ll be checking it out when it hits Netflix next month.

NEON Shares Official Trailer for 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire'

Since the last trailer I posted for this was surreptitiously removed, I had to get rid of my post. But now I finally get to post this new official trailer from Neon, since the movie’s coming out in December. This French film got raves at Cannes and again at Toronto yesterday, so be on the lookout, because I’m sure it’s going to be France’s Oscar submission. And it looks soooo good.

Sterling K. Brown Stars in New Movie 'Waves'

This film is a small indie from A24, but it made a big splash at Telluride a few days ago, with critics raving about the emotional impact it creates. About a family in Florida who deals with the aftermath of a tragedy, this could be a player in the awards season if the studio can get enough attention for it. It’s got a prime release date of November 1st, which means A24 is confident in its chances and its quality.

Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader Are Santa's Kids in 'Noelle'

Looks like this is the year to attempt some new Christmas movies, with this one and Last Christmas, but these don’t usually work out. When was the last Christmas movie to become an actual perennial? I can’t think of anything past Elf and Love, Actually (both from 2003!). And this one doesn’t look great either (it could be the next Fred Claus- ick), but I do love me some Bill Hader in just about anything, so I may check it out when it comes on Disney+ in November. Yes, this is another straight to streaming movie, with Disney going all in on the service with original films like this and Lady and the Tramp. By the way, I have to assume this ends with Anna Kendrick taking up the reigns as a female Santa, right? There’s no hint of that in the trailer, but it seems obvious that’s the logical conclusion here. Or does she actually reform her brother to save the day in the end? Would it be too controversial for Disney to make Santa Claus a woman?

Edward Norton Finally Brings 'Motherless Brooklyn' to the Screen

Edward Norton directs this film based on a novel that he’s been trying to make for almost twenty years now, and it’s only his second directorial feature, after 2000’s Keeping the Faith, with Ben Stiller and Jenna Elfman (remember that one?). He’s got a good cast at least, and the movie is premiering at Telluride this weekend, so we’ll find out about it pretty soon.