Carrie Mathison Returns for the Final Season of 'Homeland'

Here we go with the last season of Homeland. It’s sure been a long and crazy eight years. Carrie’s last trauma will start with the aftermath of losing seven months of her life in a Russian prison, and her memories. Let’s hope it can end on something of a good note for Carrie. This last season is apparently set in Afghanistan, and was shot on location in Morocco. It premieres on Sunday, February 9th.

Alyssa Returns By Herself in 'End of the F***in World' Season 2

Okay, well, this was my absolute favorite show not just of two years ago, but maybe the last 10 years, so if James (Alex Lawther) is actually dead and this new season is just about Alyssa and whoever this new girl is, I can’t fathom the reason for its existence. I mean, you can say there was no reason for a second season at all anyway, but if they couldn’t figure out a way to bring back BOTH of them, then there really is no point. Yet, that’s looking like it’s very likely the case to me. The new season will be out next week apparently. I’m kind of dreading it.

Final Trailer for Last 'Silicon Valley' Season Drops Ahead of Sunday Premiere

I missed this one a few days ago, but here it is now. You know, with what’s become of Facebook lately and Mark Zuckerberg being revealed to be such a massive, massive shithead, Silicon Valley could have gone in that direction with its satire, but I’m kind of glad it’s not, since I’ve always kind of liked these guys and it’d be sad to see them end up that way. But that’s why it’s not reality.

Olivia Colman Takes Over as Elizabeth in 'The Crown' Season 3

Yesss!!! Netflix has finally released the trailer for season 3 of The Crown, coming out November 17th. The next two seasons will have a new cast playing royals Elizabeth, Phillip (Tobias Menzies) and Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) in their middle aged years, and new additions like Charles and Camilla as young adults (before bringing in Diana next season!!!). I can’t wait.

Jamie and Claire are Back in 'Outlander' Season 5

Yay! Okay, so yes, the last season was…less than good because of the Brianna stuff, but if I remember correctly she has a much less important role in Book 5. Actually, I don’t know if Outlander is going to keep going for each and every book or maybe start condensing the later ones, so it doesn’t have to go on for fifty years, but if it does, maybe go ahead and send Roger and Bree back to the present earlier? No one would complain, believe me.

Diahann Carroll 1935-2019


The pioneering actress Diahann Carroll passed away today at the age of 84. The Oscar nominee was the first black woman to win a Tony award and the first African-American woman to star in a non-stereotypical lead role on television in NBC’s Julia, which ran from 1968-1971. She got her first film role in 1954’s Carmen Jones, alongside Dorothy Dandrige, and then went on to act in films like Porgy and Bess and Paris Blues before winning the Tony in 1962 for the musical No Strings. She won a Golden Globe and was Emmy nominated for Julia, and was then nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for 1974’s Claudine. She joined the cast of Dynasty from 1984-87 as Dominique Deveraux, and was nominated for a third Emmy for her recurring role on A Different World in the late 80’s. She went on to guest star on television into the 2010’s and was finally inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 2011.

Opening credits of Julia (1968-71):