'Barry' Season 2 Premieres March 31st

Yay! Barry is back for the second season on Sunday, March 31st, after Veep. With the murder of Janice looming over everything, it’ll be harder for Barry to keep the secret, but everything’s going to probably have to come to a head a lot sooner on this show, than say, Breaking Bad. Bill Hader said at one point he thinks three seasons was the max it could go, and that’s probably smart. I hope they stick to that, but I can’t wait til next month.

Trailer for HBO Documentary 'Leaving Neverland'

Boy, is this gonna be a tough sit. Reports out of the Sundance premiere of this four hour documentary were that audiences were left pretty shattered. HBO will be airing it over two nights, two weeks from now, on March 3rd and 4th. It’s expected to garner a lot of attention, but it remains to be seen if it will cause more former victims of Michael Jackson’s to speak up about suffering sexual abuse at the hands of the pop star. Unlike the R. Kelly situation, since Jackson’s been dead for years now, shining a light on the truth and acknowledging the victims feels like all that can be done at this point.

Superhero Duo Returns in 'Cloak & Dagger' Season 2

Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger is back for its second season on April 4th, and though I thought the first season displayed more potential than it fulfilled, this trailer is surprisingly action-packed and looks a lot more intriguing than I expected. Hopefully it ironed out some of the wrinkles over the hiatus (pick up the pace, put C&D together as a pair in every episode, not just occasionally) and improved its storytelling. I’m willing to give it a shot. The leads were both very promising, and the new villain, Mayhem, is a step up from last season already, I can tell.

The Cat and Mouse Game Returns in 'Killing Eve' Season 2

Yay! One of my favorite shows of last year is back for Season 2, starting April 7th, this time on BBC America and AMC apparently. It was the fastest growing week to week audience in BBC America’s history, and you can see why if you watch that first season. Now Globe and SAG winner Sandra Oh is back as Eve Polastri, with the criminally overlooked Jodie Comer (which seems not possible if you actually watched this show) as the deadly Villanelle. I can’t wait.