EMMY WATCH: Comedy Wishlist- Supporting Actor & Actress

With the Emmy nominations for the 2012-2013 season just a little over two weeks away, i thought i'd post my dream nominees for the major categories. Starting tonight, with the supporting actors in a comedy, here are my thoughts on who deserves to make the cut and then win the trophy. 

Dream Nominees- Supporting Actress:

  • Mayim Bialik- The Big Bang Theory
  • Julie Bowen- Modern Family
  • Anna Chlumsky- Veep
  • Kaley Cuoco- The Big Bang Theory
  • Jane Krakowski- 30 Rock
  • Jessica Walter- Arrested Development

This is probably the weakest field in any category, and i'm betting the nominations will be filled with repeaters. Julie Bowen has won the past two years for Modern Family and could do so again, if not for the weaker season she had this year. Her co-star Sofia Vergara will be in the mix, but doesn't deserve to be, so I replaced her with Anna Chlumsky, who does a great job with the difficult part of straight woman on Veep. Kaley Cuoco fills a similar role on Big Bang, but will likely be overlooked as well. The rest of them I do believe will actually get in and deserve to be there, but this field is so weak it was difficult to make out a full list of "dream" nominees. Jessica Walter is overdue and deserves to take this in a walk. If she somehow doesn't get in, it's probably Bowen for the third year in a row.

Dream Nominees- Supporting Actor

  • Will Arnett- Arrested Development
  • Michael Cera- Arrested Development
  • Adam Driver- Girls
  • Bill Hader- Saturday Night Live
  • Tony Hale- Veep
  • Nick Offerman- Parks and Recreation

Now, this category I filled with a whole list of people who probably stand no chance at nominations (except for Will Arnett- if he doesn't get in I will throw a massive hissy fit). Cera was the funniest he's ever been on AD for this fourth season, but will be passed over in favor of the "adults" on the show, while Bill Hader's surprise nomination last year was most likely a fluke. Plus, he had less screentime for his last season on SNL, but sentiment and love for Stefon could always drive a final nod. Tony Hale on Veep stands out from his cast in the second season, while Nick Offerman has always been wonderful on Parks and Rec, but who am i kidding- that show's in its fifth year and Emmy voters have never liked it that much. Finally, Girls is a show that I hate, loathe, despise, and abominate, but Adam Driver is the only person on it who is actually funny and whose character is complex, unique, and creepy- he deserves to be recognized for a bold and original performance. None of this will happen though, because the Modern Family guys aren't going anywhere- only one of them will be knocked out to make room for Will Arnett, who, like Jessica Walter, deserves to take this thing lying down and has the episode to do it.