Parks and Recreation Exit

Buzzfeed has the breaking news today that main cast members Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are leaving NBC's Parks and Rec this year, and their last appearance will be the 13th episode of the season, set to air in February.

It's surprising news, but not detrimental, as I have honestly never thought Rashida Jones brought anything special to her part on the show. As Leslie's best friend Ann, they've tried to give her different kinds of material to pull off, comedic and dramatic, while attempting to pair her off with nearly every male actor on the show, but she's never been particularly funny or charismatic on screen. Sorry if that's a bit harsh, but it's true. As for Rob Lowe, he has been funny ever since he appeared in 2010 as Pawnee City Manager Chris Traiger, and it's something more of a loss for him to exit as well, but since his character was really only friends with Adam Scott's Ben, it doesn't shake up the group dynamic too much. Their departure will probably be organic, as this past season saw Chris and Ann getting back together and trying to start a family, so I'm sure their upcoming move will be related to that storyline.